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12 Gates and Great Fences

Gardening is my love, second to kitchen design, so when we purchased our dilapidated old farmhouse at Michigan, the first thing on the agenda was to install a fence. Our one-acre lot was nothing but dead grass, a gravel parking’pad’ off the street, and 1/4 acre of weeds which concealed the barn.

We immediately hired somebody to cut the circular drive and install our fence. My husband and I chased over the designI wanted a picket fencing for charm and practicality; my husband wanted something simple and also with open sight lines, like a split-rail fence. The issue has been, split rails will not help keep in Mr. Darley, our rascally gold retriever. We made a decision to settle the debate with a cable grid across the bottom half of a broken rail, together with picket gates. It’s taken five years for the lawn to grow into what it has become now.

Fences and gates don’t have to be just functional. They are wonderful ways to define your premises or to provide construction for garden plants to grow up against. And they can be as intriguing as the plants surrounding them.

Timothy Lee landscape design

The fence behind the row of trees causes them to stand out all the more. Not all fences have to be natural unstained or unpainted wood. The comparison of the dark painted fencing against the bark of the trees ties in with the colour of their flagstone path.

Hint: Painted fencing may need more maintenance than natural cedar. There are opaque and semi-opaque spots on the market as well.

Blasen Landscape Architecture

I adore the simplicity of the weathered gray painted fence with broad chicken wire. It is virtually see-through but still supplies all the advantages of a fence. This is a good solution if you need and need a taller fence, but don’t wish to block the view.

Pedersen Associates

For backyards where you’re looking for a bit more privacy, solid wood fences are excellent when paired with a spacious top section. A little negative space at the top of the fence line is really a great decorative element as well. I love the degree of detail inside this fence pattern combined with all the curved wood gate.

Banyon Tree Design Studio

Simple panels with open segments in the best allow for privacy without making you feel helpless in. The top part of the fence feels motivated by clerestory windows.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Here’s our split-rail fence and picket gate. My husband won our little fence debate. It was the right decision for our property, and for Mr. Darley, our inquisitive golden retriever!


A classic white picket fence never goes out of style. It is a great way to add a cottage feel to any home and garden.


The pattern, line, size and scale of the planks and sort of timber create fence design possibilities as endless as the imagination. I love the smart use of a backyard door overlooking its glass panel utilized as a gate in this garden.

Milieu Design

Lattice is a timeless choice for fencing, whether employed by itself or mixed with regular boards. I particularly enjoy the graceful curve of the gate on this classic fence.

Grizzly Iron, Inc

What looks like a classic decorative metal fence and patio adds a lot of personality and patina for this lawn.

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

Not all fences have to be made of metal or wood. I have always had a thing for hedges with gates inside them they’re so whimsical.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

If you’re more of a modernist, the fencing design options can get really interesting. Playing line and scale allows a minimal fence to create a maximum announcement.

Following is a kid-friendly fencing: an exterior chalkboard inside the fencing panels. Now let’s see whether it’s possible to get the kids to pretend they’re in college while on summer vacation!

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