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Can a Mini Rose Plant Grow Big Outside?

Mini roses (Rosa spp.) Are called mini due to the small size of their flowers, not since the bush stays modest, according to Colorado Master Gardeners. The flowers have to be no more than 1 1/2 inches in diameter to be regarded as a mini climbed. Mini roses aren’t grafted roses, meaning they grow in their own rootstock. This makes them hardier than grafted roses, growing in U. S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 10.


Miniature roses grow an average of 15 inches tall, even though a couple of sorts grow to 30 inches tall. Consequently, they wo not grow especially tall. The roses grow about as broad as they are tall. “Hot Tamale” is a vibrant peach mini increased growing to 18 inches. “Vi’s Violet” mini rose grows to 24 inches high with pure purple flowers.

Climbing Mini Roses

A mini rose that’s 5 feet tall doesn’t seem particularly miniature, but this is how tall the climbing miniature roses grow. As with climbing roses, secure the canes to a support with soft ties. Some climbing mini roses are trained as norms. The strongest, straightest cane is chosen to be the primary trunk. The other canes are removed. When the main cane reaches the chosen height it is topped off to support it to vomit outside in the top. Eventually that growth is pruned to your sphere. “Cl Jeanne Lajoie” is a very clear pink climbing mini rose. “Rainbow’s End” is aptly named since the blooms are a mixture of pink, yellow and peach. It’s considerably taller than other climbing mini roses, growing around 12 feet. In this case, mini roses do grow large when they’re outside.

Miniflora Roses

The American Rose Society admitted the miniflora climbed as a brand new category of roses in 1999. Minifloras are a cross between floribunda roses and mini roses, growing to 36 inches high — but a few varieties grow to 48 ins — using flowers no more than 2 inches round. Miniflora roses are sometimes sold as mini roses. “Ashton” is a very clear pink rose with a light, sweet scent growing to 36 inches high. “Rowdy Roy” is crimson streaked with shades of light and dark pink.


Care for mini roses exactly the same way that you would standard roses — plant them in well-drained rich soil and full sunlight. Pruning is much more of a challenge for the tiny varieties. Snip out dead branches. Open the center of the bushes by pruning for good air flow. Feed monthly and keep watered but not over-watered.

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