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Do You Have to Get Up All of the Roots When Clearing for Concrete?

Clearing the ground before pouring concrete has become the most time-consuming and difficult part of the job. In order to avoid issues with the concrete down the road, it’s important to set a clean, level base for your concrete prior to your pour. Including removing stones and organic matter such as leaves, grass, twigs, plants and tree roots from the pouring area.

What About the Roots?

If you miss a few miniature bud origins whenever you are organizing your land, it will probably not be a issue. Should you see the origins and can pull them out of the ground easily, do so. However, it’s not necessary to dig a foot-deep hole on your pouring area to have that last bit of dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) root. Roots from trees and shrubs must definitely be removed, however. Sever tree roots that stick out over the soil having an ax or a saw. Leaving the roots will weaken the concrete slab, and if the root continues to grow, it will probably crack or go through your slab.

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