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15 Creative Lamp Bases

Lighting is one of the most important elements of layout, but sometimes we get so wrapped up in our wattage demands we put fashion in the sidelines. Table lamps aren’t simply wonderful sources of light for reading and general shine, but their bases are also a huge layout prospect. Many everyday objects can be converted into lamp bases, therefore take a new look at buckets, demijohns, decorations, logs, umbrella stands and whatever else seems about the ideal size to get a lamp.

Kelley & Company Home

Old wooden buckets are an ideal match for a unique cottage.

Amy Lau Design

Driftwood lamps, after kitschy decorative pieces, have become a favorite of high-end designers, especially when topped with a crisp white sheet or paper shade.


I don’t understand what the story on this particular lamp is, but I have noticed this specific designer using it at a couple of different spaces, and it always packs a big “Wow!” It Springs Rat Pack era, yet quite modern.

These smart lamp bases resemble cairns, which are generally used to mark trails over the treeline.

Philpotts Interiors

Here’s a friendly figure to get at your bedside.

LKM Design

A cable Eiffel tower provides a tribute.

Glenn Gissler Design

I will admit I don’t have a clue what this lamp base looks like, or what it could have been in a past life. Please share in the comments section if you understand, or even if you have a guess!

celia maria

This base cleverly took a lantern type, updated it, and flipped it into a table lamp base.

James Rixner, Inc..

What would you predict this lamp base? To me, it is Space Needle meets New Years Eve Ball Drop.

Chris Snook

Where does the lamp along with the mirrored end begin? I can not be sure, but the combination gives this bedroom modern art deco flair.

Robin Muto

A birch log lamp base is a terrific rustic accent at a cabin-style office.

My mother found this bottle for $25 at an antiques store and had it converted into a lamp. I’m my mother’s daughter; I took a ceramic synthetic bamboo umbrella stand I shopped for $11 and had it turned into a fantastic and oversized table lamp. (If you are around Atlanta, lampmaker Lee of Victory Vintage at Kudzu at Decatur is your woman to understand).

Brian Watford Interiors

Gold nautilus shells go from campy to complicated within this elegant entryway.

The Couture Rooms

Is it a crude lanky silhouette of a guy, or just a delicate layout? Either way, it works with all the subdued glamor of the bedroom.

Amy Lau Design

The best thing about this adorable giraffe lamp? The finial is the giraffe’s head, peaking out over the shade.

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