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3 Steps to Build Stairs with Brick and Stone

Building stairs on the interior or the exterior can sometimes be difficult. Designing these stairs and building them with the required structural integrity requires some level of technique. But if you take some time to learn a few tricks then you won’t have any problem. If you want to build stairs, it will be easier if you use bricks and stones. They are cheaper, readily available, and easy to work with even for a beginner.

The following are some of the simple ideas you can use to design and build your stairs using these materials:

Brick Steps with Bluestone Treads

This design idea is actually a perfect mix of brick and stones. The bricks will be used to construct the step risers and stair treads will be completed using bluestones. The first step in this project is to lay down a solid concrete slab. This will provide a good foundation for the bricks and the bluestones. Build each step slowly at a time. There is no need to rush it. Once the Flagstaff landscape is done, you can embellish the steps with plants and flowers on the sides.

Shells, Stone, and Concrete Design

You can also explore this innovative combination of concrete, shells, and stones to build the perfect stairs on your exterior. This design is actually for properties located on the seafront.  The concrete will be very helpful in providing plenty of strength. But bare concrete will not have the aesthetics that you would want. Although strength is important, you should also make sure that the stairs look good.

You can use stones and mussel shells for this reason. All these materials can easily be sourced around the sea and shouldn’t be hard to find. The great thing about concrete is its versatility. It can easily be customized so don’t be afraid to get as creative as possible. Remember that the only thing you need when building stairs is to make sure that the steps are flat. As long as you make sure of that when building Flagstaff landscaping you can consider any decoration and design idea that you like.

Stone Slabs

If you don’t want to complicate things then you can use this basic stone slab design. Stones are often very handy when it comes to landscaping Flagstaff and sometimes they come out of the ground looking absolutely perfect. No need to add anything else. Just set them up and you are good to go. However, they are a bit heavy. You will need to get some help moving them around. Make sure you also lay them very carefully.

Building stairs at home is not the hardest thing but it requires some work. Using stone and bricks is a great start and the simple design ideas above will work perfectly for any home. The most important thing is to build stairs that are aligned with your design taste and ideas. Don’t also forget to decorate the stairs to give them a more appealing look.