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8 Coffered Ceilings That Defy Tradition

Coffers — dropped beams that crisscross a ceiling at a grid — are a hallmark of classic interiors. Their appeal is in the architectural definition and visual interest they add to a space. Although classic coffers feature heavy millwork and even, regular spacing, homeowners and design experts have come up with ingenious spins to accommodate less conventional spaces. Check out these eight illustrations.

Charleene’s Houses

Coffers arranged in an off-kilter grid and trimmed with black moldings offer this ceiling measurement. The polished wood beamed echoes the fireplace surround, which helps you to connect the ceiling with the wall.

Designing Solutions

Simple, straight-edge beams set at varying widths aside highlight the asymmetrical arrangement of the living area.

Flat boards instead of conventional moldings make a coffered effect that works well with a vertical kitchen.

Urban Homes – Design for Kitchen & Bath

In the same way, within this corridor, flat boards accentuate the barrel-shape ceiling. Due to the tight fit between the cabinetry and the ceiling, conventional coffers might seem too bloated.

Begrand Quick Design Inc..

The fundamental coffering in this space, painted to pull on the wall shade upward, was created in a way that highlights the modern light fixture at the middle.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

An inset of coffering using a natural wood finish can help to bring down this ceiling visually and creates a feeling of intimacy.


Coffered moldings within this tray ceiling are set on the diagonal for a totally fun, modern spin on tradition.

Harrell Remodeling, Inc..

Stained glass provides the coffers within this space an Arts and Crafts touch.

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