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8 Homework Areas That Make Back-to-School Rock

It is difficult to think school is back in session. Now’s the opportunity to set aside a special place for those kiddos to receive their homework done in peace. Below are a few ideas for making homework of a chore, more of a pleasure.

Lisa Wilson

The breakfast table or dining table is a great place to designate as your official homework place. It’s possible to prepare dinner and keep your eyes on your little workers in the same moment.

Here is an example of an architectural nook set aside for after-school work. The room is differentiated using another colour paint than the remainder of the room; it is a room within a room.

Visbeen Architects

What an amazing use of space! A large stair landing or a underutilized nook in your house can transform into the perfect homework area using a diner booth installation. The built-in bookcase is an ideal place for stashing a dictionary, a thesaurus and a good atlas.

Visbeen Architects

This prep area build-out offers everything children will need to receive their work done: a writing surface, task light, a corkboard, closed storage and padded seats.

Bess Jones Interiors

Have you got a spare cupboard that can be outfitted as a prep station? No mess, no fuss — just close the doors when the space is not in use.

Kristie Paul

Perhaps your kids are easily distracted? Give each child with a place to receive her or his job done, but face them in opposite directions. This setup keeps learners focused on their own homework, instead of being distracted by a sibling.

Savvy Interiors

Perhaps you can pair your workspace with your kid’s homework space. Both of you can get a little work, but you may still be available for help and make sure your pride and pleasure stays on task.

Color and style create business more appealing to children. Really. Cubbies, files and a place for their stashes create homework time and locating papers that require signing less of a burden. A very simple bookcase in a corner of the kitchen or on your rear hall could easily be converted into help school-goers stay organized.

Tell us Where do your children do their homework, and how is that working for you?

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