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About Trend: 'Weightless' Elements Figure Heavily in Furniture

There is something to be said for stunning, weightless expectation. These hottest global designs inspire only that sense. These items for De La Espada from Autoban, Matthew Hilton, Soren Rose Studio and Benjamin Hubert all seem to the Very Same angles, curves and lines for inspiration. Whether with the thinnest of spokes or the direct curves of a cloud, every item takes modern flair in a light and airy direction, while rich wood finishes and organic colours allow the forms to glow.

Notice: These items can be purchased by contacting De La Espada or via one of its global retail locations.

Soren Rose Studio’s Church Chair. This stackable wood chair is ideal for dining rooms. Airy and its tilted angles rear keep things light.

Autoban’s Cloud Table. A lightweight table inspired by — you guessed it — clouds. This large part would make a great focal point in a living area.

Autoban’s Flying Spider. Like a pillow to the ceiling, this pendant has stylish, soft curves with none of the thickness or weight. The fine lines give it a delicacy that would look great juxtaposed with thick, modern chairs and tables.

Matthew Hilton’s Mary’s Chair. Hilton’s newest chair design strives to capture the comparison between weight and weightlessness. The diminutive rear legs contrast nicely with the broad spade back.

Benjamin Hubert’s Bow Trestle Table. The attractiveness of this knock-down-solid ash trestle dining table is the fact that it looks nothing like your classic trestle dining table. The modern take appears refreshing and light.

Autoban’s Sleepy Blind Tufted Rocker. Now here’s a rocking chair which combines design and comfort. Rock yourself to sleep with a tufted seat and back, angled perfectly for relaxing.

Autoban’s Poly Side Table. A three-tiered side table which doesn’t seem heavy handed is a feat of design skill. Together with all the thinnest slabs and columns, this dining table creates storage and vignette choices without weighing the room down.

Matthew Hilton’s Hepburn Corner Sofa. I keep waiting for this couch to waddle off its way off the screen — the boomerang legs seem prepared to take off. Perched over, the seats appear extra comfortable in contrast.

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