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Designer Sketch: Jay Keller

Building castles from Legos together with his nieces and nephews, listening to Arcade Fire in a concert or moving on a run in his neighborhood… Chicago architect Jay Keller of SPACE Architects + Planners finds inspiration anywhere. He designs his homes to grow into homes and is constantly on the lookout for ways to make life easier and more comfortable for his clientele.

“I love that I get to design something which people will love for years to come, make memories laugh at, dine in and just plain reside,” he says. “There are not many professions that may make something as long as we reach.”

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SPACE Architects + Planners

What is the most fascinating thing you’re working on today?
We are working on an extensive restaurant and pub build out in the Old Town/Lincoln Park area, which is going to have a very excellent vibe and aesthetic.

When did you know you wanted to style homes?
Since I was a kid I always liked playing with Legos and producing and re-creating different things. I actually still do enjoy building Legos together with my nieces and nephews. I also wanted to spend some time with my dad, that did carpentry at the summers when he was not teaching school. It instructed me things go together. I’m inquisitive, so I kind of took to it.

Where is your go-to location for inspiration?
All around me I love to run around different neighborhoods and take away from what I see.

SPACE Architects + Planners

What inspires your designs?
Different substances, the context and the site’s general environment. In addition, I find inspiration in what the usage of this construction will be and how to make it function well for your end user.

Which iconic architect could you love a opportunity to work with?
Santiago Calatrava

Where on earth do you want to go next?
My spouse and I have Africa on the listing. We are both very outdoorsy folks and feel as we’d love all of the great things to see and do in Africa which you aren’t able to do anywhere else on the planet. We also like finding out about other cultures and immersing ourselves in them when we are there. When in Rome…

Who is among the favourite artists?
I love art but do not have a favorite per se, therefore I’m going with a music performer — I love Arcade Fire. My spouse and I saw them in concert this past year, and it had been among the best live performances we have seen. They have, like, seven people on stage, and it had been quite an occasion. Even my wife said rocker girls in leather playing violins is sexy!

SPACE Architects + Planners

The most important thing on your desk is…
Pictures of my spouse and family. Whenever I’m having a rushed or stressful day they remind me of what is crucial.

Do you still draw, or is all on the computer today?
I’m sorry to say I’m probably one of the last generations that can do . I feel it’s essential to be able to sketch a notion immediately to get a point across, even if it is using a stylus on an iPad. There is something just simple and lovely about hand-drawing.

What is your favourite traditional furniture bit?
Barcelona Chair by Mies van der Rohe

SPACE Architects + Planners

If I could change one thing about home layout it would be…
To estimate Mies van der Roh, less is more. We pride ourselves on designing with duality so things like a hallway are also your kitchen working space, or access to a washer/dryer cupboard, etc.. With a little additional thought and consideration, you can definitely psychologist a home down and have all you need in a highly functioning atmosphere.

What is your favourite new website?

What is your new favourite up-and-coming design firm?
Global Solar makes flexible solar panels that may work with any roof form.

Your ideal client is…
Someone who isn’t afraid to offer their view but remains available and trusting of your ideas and concepts. After the architect and client work together well it makes for a better end product.

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