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Guest Groups: Energy-Saving Accessories

When temperatures drop and I find myself inside more frequently, it’s simple to use a lot of energy at home. This ideabook is a collection of products that can help lower energy use and lower bills this season. — Jennifer from I Art U


Solio Bolt Solar Charger – $65

Charging your devices utilizing sunlight will make sure save you energy and cut prices. This solar charger seems cool, too.


Energy-Saving Pig Lamp – $88

This lamp comes with an energy-saving bulb as a curly tail.


Learning Thermostat – $249

Pretty and practical, this contemporary and appealing thermostat can be controlled from anywhere from the cell phone. It can also be programmed to meet your schedule.


5th Avenue Glacier Park Throw – $149

Turn the heater down and grab a blanket. This Pendleton blanket will keep you warm and looking great.


Conserve Socket With Energy Saving Outlet – $26.23

This would be a great power strip for your TV and of its accessories. The green master plug will sense when your TV is off and turn off all other fresh devices to conserve energy.

BioLite CampStove

BioLite CampStove – $129

Make a flame, cook and control your devices all from sticks you collect in your walk. This is perfect for anyone who loves to camp.

Switch Modern

Areaware Plumen 001 Bulb – $30

Who says energy-saving bulbs can not seem great? I really like the design and color of these.


Conserve Socket Energy-Saving Outlet – $9.58

This power adapter saves energy by using a timer so that it’s not constantly on. These would be perfect for charging cell phones at nighttime.



Here is an eco friendly clothes-drying alternative for people who are serious about conservation. It utilizes around 90 percent less energy than a conventional dryer.


Fuego Bio Firelight – $200

The flame from the firelight is powered by denatured alcohol, which is a renewable energy in berries, sugar or other agri-products. It is definitely a conversation starter for almost any outdoor space.


Bamboo Solar Charger – $35

Use sunlight to control your iPhone. I really like this design, as it’s made from bamboo.

Fred Flare

Dynamo Solar Crank Radio – $34

Here is another cool solar item. Listen to this radio using sunlight, or manually crank for one minute to get 20 minutes of audio.


Portable Grill – $125

This energy-efficient collapsible grill absorbs 75 percent less fuel to cook a meal than a similarly sized grill. It is great to get a backyard party or on-the-go grilling.


Bagalight Energy – $35

This pendant is made of cardboard and paper and is accompanied by an energy-saving bulb. It is such a exceptional lamp, and it will add quirk to any dwelling.

The Future Perfect

Agnes Hanging Candelabra – $5,000

Even though using candles to save energy can be problematic, I find that they are excellent mood setters and perfect for those times you just need a little light. This splurge chandelier is amazing and would be perfect above a dinner table.

Generate Design

Book Rest Lamp – $79

Rest your book and light your area with this book rest/light. It houses an 11-watt flourescent light bulb, which uses less energy than a regular bulb.


Vessel, Table, Bronze – GBP 276

This gorgeous glass container homes a Plumen energy-saving bulb. I imagine three of these hanging in a contemporary kitchen with a great deal of stainless steel.


Mushroom Gray 1000 Travel Charger

Here is an ecofriendly way to charge mobile devices. It detects if your device is fully charged and shuts. The clean design makes it even cooler.

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