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A honed surface is processed before it is smooth but not polished and glistening. Honing generates a matte or satin finish which may be described as dull or lustrous, depending on one’s taste in endings.

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A honed granite counter may have a totally matte or slightly satin finish. The honed look can be achieved by simply finish the completing process of buffing or polishing early, developing a customizable appearance.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

Granite counters are famous for their shiny, reflective appeal. Honed granite could be equally appealing, with a contemporary and natural luster.

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One of the benefits of a honed surface is that it is more slip resistant than the polished surface, meaning it is safer for floors and wet areas, such as bathrooms.

Century Bay Builders

Though the texture of a honed stone isn’t rough, its porous surface is more vulnerable to stains, and more care is necessary for its upkeep.

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Color enhancers or stains could be added to a honed stone, which can make the surface look moist but not glistening, and will assist hide glassware rings and food stains.

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