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How to Dress a Window With Sheer Curtain Panels

Delicate and airy, sheer curtain panels address myriad curtaining problems attractively and economically. Their fragile appearance belies their endurance. Usually washable, sheer panels come in a rainbow of colors and a growing number of patterns acceptable for windows in the living room into the kitchen and den. Sheer panels offer you a degree of privacy screening without sacrificing window light. Used alone or with valances and drapes, sheer panels adorn almost any window.

Measure and notice window dimensions. For brief sheer drapes, measure width within the frame or in the top corners of the frame, based on where you prefer to mount hardware. Assess the height of the window frame and then add 4 to 6 inches so that total curtain length will come beneath the window sill.

Measure window height from ground to the top of the frame for full-length sheer panels. Add 1 foot into the length if you’d like panels to pool on the ground.

Pick curtain panels at least twice the width of your window frame for a complete gathered look. As an instance, buy two panels each 30 to 36 inches wide for a window frame measuring 30 inches. Increase complete curtain width to three times the window width for quite a complete, romantic look.

Pick circular poles 1/2 inch to 3/8 inches in width. Attach mounting brackets to the outer border of each corner of the window frame, in precisely the exact same height, either using your drill and screwdriver. Thread the drapes onto the poles and hang them on the brackets.

Drill holes 2 to 4 inches out and above the upper corners of the window frame to add a decorative rod for a valance, swag or scarf. Tap plastic screw anchors into the wall, then insert screws for the most secure grip.

Slide or drape your scarf, swag or valance over the rod and place the rod at the brackets.

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