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How to Frame a Greenhouse With the Insect Screen

Greenhouses extend the growing season for both professional and hobby gardeners. A greenhouse free of ventilation will overheat and destroy the plants inside, but a open window invites pests. Wasps build nests in greenhouses, causing a danger for gardeners, and some other puddle of water attracts mosquitoes. Covering ventilation windows or walls with insect screen keeps the greenhouse cooler along with the bugs out.

Measure the areas of the greenhouse over which you may install insect screen instead of plastic or glass. Insert 6 inches to the length and the width. For instance, if you want to pay for a 12-by-36-inch place with insect screen, your measurements will probably equal 18 by 42 inches.

Cut pieces of insect screen to fit your last measurements. In this instance, cut on a 18-by-42-inch rectangle of insect screen.

Lay fabric insect screen apartment on top of old newspapers. Apply fabric glue to the edges, all of the way around. Allow to dry overnight. If using metal insect screen, skip this step.

Hold the insect screen around the wooden frame and attach it with hammer and nails along with a heavy-duty staple gun. If your greenhouse frame is metal or plastic, use clips, such as large binder clips (available in office supply centers) or large greenhouse clips (available in home and garden supply centers).

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