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How to Put a Sink in Your Garage

Action is seen by the family garage . Family members use the room to maintain resources can fix vehicles and operate on hobbies, like woodworking. Installing a sink is a wise option to traipsing through your home to the kitchen sink floors and carpeting can become soiled. DIYers should note a garage with no present plumbing hookups will require skills and some fantastic expertise to correctly complete the task.

Pipe Preparation

Closed off the water valve, before beginning any work between the plumbing of your home. You should set up the faucet near cold and hot water pipes, as well as near a decent drain pipe. The present drain pipe needs to be quantified and marked so you can cut off a portion to add a”Y”-shaped fitting. The cold and hot pipes also have to be quantified and marked to denote where the”T”-shaped fittings will survive. These fittings will create hookups into your house’s plumbing to offer water and drainage to the sink.

Creating the Hookups

The drain pipe may just be cut off with a hand saw however, ought to be cut with a tube cutter. The drain tube, normally made of polyvinyl chloride — better called PVC — will need a film of primer and glue across the connecting end part with the”Y” fitting. In addition, fit a PVC trap to the drain pipe’s new”Y” fitting to attach it directly to the sink. You will then need to use regular, solder and a soldering iron or torch to melt the solder between the aluminum piping and the brand new”T” fittings.

The Sink

You will need to put the sink beneath the new PVC trap; a compression nut ought to fasten the sink piping to the trap. Plumber’s putty should be generously set on the bottom of the sink faucet prior to affixing it to the surface. Flexible hoses must be connected to the bottom of the faucet to allow the warm and cold water to move through the meeting.

Final Connections

The opposite ends of the flexible hoses should be connected to the brand new cold and hot water”T” fittings. You are able to turn the water back on to verify that the entire sink functions, After all the connections are safe. Turn the water off if there are any leaks and scrutinize the sink for connections.

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