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How to Unclog a Shower Drain With White Vinegar and Alka-Seltzer

Even with a removable drain cover in place to prevent hair and debris from entering the bathtub drain, clogs happen. The drain might be entirely polluted or the water might run out so gradually that it produces the showering experience unpleasant as you stand in ankle-deep water. In any event, the remedy is at hand with standard Alka-Seltzer tablets from the medicine cabinet along with white vinegar from the kitchen.

Remove the cover from the bathtub drain by lifting it out; use a straightened paperclip, if necessary, to help grip the cover under a border or via one of these holes.

Drop two to four Alka-Selzter tablets down the bathtub drain, breaking them into small pieces to travel greatly down the hole, if necessary. Two might be all that is needed for a slow drain; use four for a severe clog.

Pour a cup of white vinegar down the drain immediately after incorporating the Alka-Selzter tablets. Allow the things to interact and bubble around for 10 minutes or until you don’t hear or see bubbling activity. The response between the two materials is a bit like a boiling soda-and-vinegar attendant, since Alka-Seltzer includes baking soda.

Fill a tea kettle and boil the water while the chemicals react. If tap water becomes extremely warm in the bathroom, fill a bucket with the hottest water available alternatively, to keep the project limited to a single room.

Flush the drain using a quick flow of warm water from the tea kettle or bucket, using all of the water held at the boat. Run water from the shower afterwards to see whether the clog has cleared; should not, repeat the process.

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