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How to Use Mirrors for More Moderate and Style

Mirrors are a decorator’s best friend, and with good reason — a well-placed mirror gets the most of a room’s natural light, enriches perspectives, opens a small space and adds oomph to decor. The key lies in pairing the right mirror with the right place to make the most of its own decor-uplifting potential. Listed below are 15 pairings.

Elizabeth Cross-Beard

1. Full-length mirror between 2 windows. Placing a mirror between 2 windows tricks the eye into thinking there is another window there and helps maximize natural light. Casually propping a full-scale mirror against the wall brings a mood to the room.

Patrick Sutton Associates

2. Wood framed mirror from the kitchen. Instantly produce a homier vibe at the kitchen with the inclusion of a timber framed mirror. Big or small, propped on a shelf or hung from the wall, it all works. The secret is to pick a mirror which looks as if it belongs in a living room or bedroom something with a bit of warmth to it.

Tucker & Marks

3. Wall mirror behind a torso. Sneakily indicate there’s more room than meets the eye in a small flat by lining a wall with mirror and scooting a torso in front. The result is subtle but very glamorous.

Cecilie Starin Design Inc..

4. Narrow mirror flanked with artwork. Whether put over a console at the entrance or above a buffet in the dining room, this combination won’t fail you.

Start with a narrow mirror, either rectangular or faceted, and beef it up with 2 pairs of small, framed artwork. The key lies in the symmetry of this arrangement — select four equal-size frames and quantify exactly when you hang them.

Caitlin Wilson Design

5. Sunburst mirror over a console. Have a console table which needs spicing up? Pop a brassy sunburst mirror on the wall above it, and it will uplift the entire arrangement.

Kate Riley – Centsational Girl

6. Sunburst mirror over the bed. There are very few decorating issues a good sunburst mirror can’t assist with. One example is that big space above a headboard. Wondering what to place there? Wonder a sunburst mirror that is well-secured ought to do just fine.

Laura Martin Bovard

7. Pretty mirrors behind bedside lamps. No, you will not be able to look into them, but that isn’t the point. Placing mirrors behind lamps is a great way to ramp up the glow of your lamplight — that the fairly frames are icing.

Hillary Thomas Designs

8. Two couches on walls. Want to really make an impression? Line two adjacent walls to bounce the light around the room. This works particularly well in the dining room, as it gives the impression there’s a bigger audience around the table but be warned, the numerous reflections generated by two mirrors may be dizzying.

MANDARINA STUDIO interior layout

9. Mirror across from a window. Increase light and views by putting a big mirror right across from a window. Reflecting a gorgeous view is perfect, but putting a mirror across from any window that gets good light will make your room feel sunnier.

The Cousins

10. Mirrored backsplash. Open a small kitchen with mirror rather than tile as a backsplash behind the sink or stove. Just be aware that an antiqued mirror will conceal splatters greater than a very clear version.

See more of this turquoise kitchen

Thom Filicia Inc..

11. Round mirror tucked into a bookcase. Have a cue from decorator Thom Filicia and tuck a chunky round mirror into the center of a wall of bookshelves to bring a feeling of depth to your room. Bonus: This is a superb way to make an old entertainment centre work in another way — just place a mirror in which the TV would have gone.

Cary Bernstein Architect

12. Extra-large mirror above the mantel. Fill the entire space above your mantel with a custom-size mirror to get a sleek, contemporary look that maximizes light and opens up the space. Some retailers (Room & Board is one) offer mirrors from the inch, so ordering the perfect-size mirror isn’t quite as difficult as it once had been.

Fenwick & Company Interior Design

13. Full-length mirrors at a home gym. A giant wall mirror is functional but does make your room look more like a general gym. Keep your eye on your form whilst keeping up a homey feel with one or more full-length mirrors hung or discriminated against the wall.

Kathleen DiPaolo Designs

14. Round mirror instead of a drug cupboard. You could use a mirror of almost any contour rather than the standard medicine cabinet, however, a round mirror would be the best departure from the anticipated — its curves break up all those sharp angles and straight lines in a typical toilet.

Justine Hand

15. Little mirrors propped on a picture shelf. Either paired with artwork or on their own, a cluster of three small mirrors on a narrow shelf looks magical and allows you to change the arrangement with ease as the mood strikes. Try this at a bedroom or toilet.

Inform us What is your favorite way to decorate mirrors? Can you attempt one of these thoughts?

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