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How to Wall-Paper the Straight Back of a Bookcase

If you’re fed up with your interior decor falling flat, it is possible to spice it up using several details. Wallpapering the backwall of a book-case lets you add a pop of texture or colour — the perfect touch that breathes new life in the style of your room’s. With minimum materials in just one afternoon, you may make any book case go into a piece that provides depth and dimension to your own space from an ordinary old storage device.

Take out any shelves that are detachable and set them apart. Measure and note height and the width of the backwall of the book-case. Calculate each area of of the backwall independently, whether there are shelves in the book-case.

Cut wall-paper to the specific dimensions you’ll require to protect the backwall of the book-case. Again, in the event that you’ve got shelves that are permanent, slice the the parts in sections to to match between the shelves. Lay the wall-paper items from the backwall of the book-case to ensure they match. Trim if required.

Sand the book-case with fine-grain sandpaper and wipe it using a tack cloth. Prime and let it dry, and paint the the machine. If you don’t want to prime and paint the whole book-case, just lightly sand the backwall, wipe it clean and prime it to assist the wall paper adhere.

The back-wall of the book-case having a large tack spray adhesive. End implementing the paper to one area before spraying still another if employed in in sections involving the shelves.

Match the two corners of the wall-paper to the corners of the book case wall and press it on lightly.

Smooth the wall-paper using a brayer, plastic wall paper scraper or your really clear fingers. Start in the middle, working the right path toward the edges to expel creases and air bubbles. Work bubbles out rapidly ahead of the adhesive commences to set.

Replace the removable shelves. Stack your book-case with publications and attractive factors.

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