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'Mad Men' Style: Sally Draper's Tween and Teen Bedroom

As Mad Men fiends all over the world anxiously await the long-delayed coming of this new season, there’ve been plenty of theories flying around about what season five will bring. Will Don and Megan’s marriage last? What about Betty and Henry? Joan and Greg? Even though the usual love play on the show is always exciting, among the most intense and eye-opening characters in season four was little Sally Draper. As she gets older, her character keeps growing from quiet and shy to wild and rebellious. Considering that the show is all about to enter her tween and teen years, it’s a safe bet that we haven’t seen anything yet.

Since both Betty and Don have brand new houses, Sally has a chance to completely redesign her bedroom. The question is, what will it look like? Will she keep things prim, pastel and proper as her mother does? Or will she turned into a ’70s crazy child and play pattern and color? Only time will tell, but here are a couple of predictions.

When to watch: Mad Men‘s 2012 season begins with a two-hour premiere Sunday, March 25

Nicole Freezer Rubens

Sally’s bedroom growing up was a whirlwind of pink background, floral textiles, frilly curtains and valuable dolls. In typical Draper style, it was girly but nevertheless simple and refined. Now that Sally is getting into her tweens and teens, her rebellious side is starting to pop up.

Sally may be girly girl for at least the commencement of her tween years, but as she begins to develop her own personality (and invisibly to the crazy style of this early ’70s), bold patterns and colour might begin to produce an appearance in her room. Pale pink walls can be substituted with a brilliant (but elegant) lavender, along with a glowing pink duvet can cover up the old floral bedding. A picture rug provides this bedoom that the last dose of that great mod style.

Joani Stewart-Georgi – Montana Ave. Interiors

Possessing a tween in the family usually means having a gaggle of six or seven buddies around. Although Sally has been a small loner until today (except for that 1 buddy Betty banished from the house), her social circle will likely grow through middle school and higher school. Possessing a little place in her area where she and her friends can hang out is a must — that the girls can listen to records and giggle over publications without even giving Betty a hassle.

Though Sally has always been a lover of pink in her area and her clothes, the ’70s may change her mind. Lavender is a slightly more-grown up shade, and the clean-lined pieces still get a dash of playfulness with weathered and mirrored accents.

Shirley Meisels

Being a teenager and tween girl means taking forever to get ready. Dances, soccer dates and games are right around the corner to get Sally, and she will want the perfect place to powder her nose. A dressing table in a shocking pink finished off with a Lucite chair is classic with a little bit of funk.

Grace Blu Designs, Inc..

Maybe Sally will be a full decorating rebel and go for the complete mod style, with vivid colours and bold patterns that carried through to the ’70s — a look that could not stand out more in a house filled with pastels and florals. The pinks, oranges and big geometric cutouts in this area still feel girly enough for Sally but have more advantage.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

If Sally begins to truly go down a dark path (as last season only begun to hint at) after Don’s new union, cheerful and bright colours might not last long in her tween area. A darker wall color and a couple Andy Warhol prints would be fitting in that circumstance.

Carla Aston | Interior Designer

Of course, since she has been attending treatment regularly, Sally might be a bit more together this season. Maybe she will even be ready to graduate from her area’s signature rosy colour. This blue- and green-toned room has a bed with a more casual sense. Along with the armchair, it creates the perfect area to hang out with friends, without dividing up the room too much.

Caitlin Creer Interior Design

If Betty insists on a more formal appearance, providing the twin bed a miniature upholstered headboard could be a fantastic compromise — that one has a similar appearance to the one that has been in Betty and Don’s old bedroom.

Story & Space – Interior Design and Color Guidance

Sally’s authentic bed had a gorgeous white iron headboard, much like the one in this cheerful green area. This room’s simple but funky style could be an excellent for Sally. The coverlet feels innocent, but the shaggy green blanket, upholstered bench and other colorful accents provide a nod to a worldlier age.

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