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Mystery Chic: Hauntingly Beautiful Décor

Inspired from the witchy soul of the season, I introduce to you a style suited for people who love shadows and intrigue. Mystery Chic is for all those who enjoy spell-binding components and eerie details which produce theatrical results. Step inside and see what you think. Is Mystery Chic for you?

This decorating style shatters tradition with Old-World chairs, table and layer upon layer of décor and art pieces. Light from vintage-style candelabras make an enchanting, elegant ambiance.

sarah & bendrix

There’s a dark beauty in the frightening appearance of the woman in the painting. The artwork adds intrigue to an already cryptic area which features a vintage chandelier and black bedding.

Old portraits, an older piano and also dim candle lighting make a spooky mood.

Cravotta Interiors

According to Mark Cravotta, the interior designer of this home, inspiration was taken from early cathedrals. The result is an enchanting and beautiful décor that is rarely made by modern designers.

Glenn Gissler Design

This great-looking staircase is quite enigmatic. I can see a puzzle movie being filmed here.


1 term: theatrical. With lush velvet cloths along with a rich colour scheme, this chamber is wonderful and only a tad frightening. I could live here… I think.

Tonic Home

Sherwood Brass Candelabra from Arteriors Home – $550

Add a bit of play with a beautiful candelabra. The flickering candle fires along with the rustic sort of the base will surely set a mystery mood.


Small Joseph – GBP 75

Small Joseph, a bothering doll mind, is the best candle holder to complement a puzzle chic theme. For a morbid twist, the candle melts and also covers the doll’s head, taking cryptic to the creepy.

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