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Olive Tree Species

The olive tree (Olea europaea), using its shiny elongated leaves and tough, gnarled branches and trunk, creates a hardy and attractive lawn or patio foliage. Trees as part of a well thought out landscaping concept will give your house a Mediterranean sense that is normal. There’s only one species of the olive-tree, however there are a lot of sub-types, identified each with distinctive regional features and guidelines for cultivating.


The olive-tree has has already established its spot in history for tens of thousands of years. Historical Ancient Greek Language references and Biblical are made to the tree that was illustrious; the branch is recognized as symbolic of good will and peace. Crowns made from branches have been worn by Olympic champions and the branch has been used by countries as gestures of surrender and compromise.

Choosing a Tree

A warm Mediterranean climate is loved by trees. Originally developed and harvested in Algeria, Greece, Iraq, Iran and portions of Asia, these trees are actually a normal addition to frequent outside places of companies in warm climates in in the USA, patios and yards. Olive cultivars that prosper in coastal Mediterranean climates contain the “Sevillano” and “Ascolano” types, however there are plenty of others that will grow equally well. The kind you select should depend on your own soil type, the function and place of the tree as well as the quantity of precipitation and humidity in your region.

Fruit Versus Fruitless

Landscapers select the tree for properties. They nevertheless offer outstanding shade, small treatment and upkeep, as well as a bucolic ambiance that is outdoor. The selection produces simpler garden, sidewalk, patio and driveway treatment in the event that you are not planning on developing and harvesting olives; fallen olives could stain surfaces and could be hard to eliminate. In the event you select the good fresh fruit- you you must know know when to harvest olives in the green and phases of progress.

Advantages to Developing Olive-Trees

Trees are resilient additions for your landscaping scheme. Tiny water is needed by them, are fireplace- and warmth-resistant and live since way back when. Trees are effortlessly transplanted; if necessary, even bigger types will endure a shift. They may be also really desirable in pots provided that the receptacles are huge enough as well as the trees are introduced inside in winter (less then-20 levels F). Relocated benefit of potted trees they can be relocated to differing of the residence . or backyard

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