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The best way to Prune a Holly

The Japanese holly (Ilex crenata) bears shiny, evergreen leaves making it an attractive decorative shrub for the yard. Some cultivars are hardy to zones 4, although holly shrubs usually develop hardy to Sunset’s Environment Zones 1 through 3. In case it snows in your climate zone, frost injury may be experienced by your holly. Pruning a frost- damaged holly lets you remove un-attractive or dead foliage and branches. Japan holly to create new, healthy development is prompted by pruning.

By dusting the branches using a broom remove snow in the holly. This decreases the probability of branch breakage. Perform snow removal.

Determine if frost injury has been experienced by the holly. Cut open leaf buds. While brown buds are lifeless green buds are alive. Scrape a slim layer of bark. The branch is alive, in the event the layer beneath is green. The branch has died, if it’s brown.

Prune Japan holly in spring following the last frost day of your area’s. Branches were broken by cut back to the closest bud that was stay.

Trim the ideas of branches that are uneven to supply a neater look to the holly. Hollies WOn’t experience from pruning or serious trimming.

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