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The best way to Prune a Maple Leaf Viburnum

The mapleleaf viburnum is common through the eastern half of the United States. As is true with other viburnums, fragile flowers come in in clusters throughout the bush around mid- early summer or spring. Unlike other viburnums this viburnum has leaves shaped like those of a tree. Slow-growing mapleleaf viburnum can attain a peak of of around 6 feet. In the event that you want to find out your flowers you prune wait to prune until after bloom; thinning and selective pruning — or rejuvenation pruning — should usually be completed in the first spring. Pruning encourages development and wellness.

Mark the branches you plan on eliminating with some kind of marker or tree tape. This may help you throughout the procedure that is real. Look in the shrub from a length to visualize what form it’s going to have after it is pruned also to get a much better idea of the form of the plant.

Cut branches and any dead or damaged twigs . Cut the branch close to trunk or the branch it’s expanding from. Also, although you need to not abandon a nub perhaps not reduce to the trunk. This usually indicates leaving a tiny section of the branch you’re removing that’s perhaps not very flush with all the branch or trunk. Use pruning shears for branches 3/4 inch use loppers for branches up to about 2″ and use a pruning saw for branches.

Remove any branches which are growing the wrong the wrong method, including inward.

Thin out by by eliminating a few of small branches, the shrub. This can let air and sunlight get to the inside of the mapleleaf viburnum and advertise growth.

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