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The Way to Remove Wood Stain From Hard to Attain Spots

Corners and small corners pose challenges for wood refinishers, especially when it comes to eliminating wood stain, which has to be sanded away. Creative individuals have come up with alternatives to folding sandpaper into hand-sanding and bits, and there are rotary tools when you need to call in the cavalry.

Hand Sanding

In many cases, you can remove stain by using it along the grain and just folding sandpaper. The newspaper lasts longer and is far more successful if you use. All these are made from hard rubber and provide support for your own sandpaper. They’re especially helpful for sanding contoured wood trim.

Machine Sanding

Palm sanders with triangular pads are successful for removing stain from crevices and corners on horizontal surfaces, but they’re bulky and don’t reach anywhere. You can make a tool that is comparable by switching a corded toothbrush — cut off the bristles; glue on a rubber pad, and adhere the sandpaper to the pad. Rotary tools work great for removing from carvings and irregularly shaped surfaces. Disc accessories and both drum are available for these tools.

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