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10 Carpet-Cleaning Secrets You Should Know

Keeping your newly installed carpets looking fresh can be challenging, especially if there are small kids running around, pets getting up to mischief, party accidents, or general mishaps. However, you shouldn’t let these obstacles stand in the way of your clean carpets because now you’ll be armed with the right countermeasures, thanks to the tips we’ve prepared for you in this article.

Blot Stains

The key rule to carpet cleaning Gilbert AZ is to blot stains and never rub them as this can damage carpet fibres and move the stain deeper into the carpet. Rather spray a mild cleaning solution onto the affected area and then use a cloth or paper towel to blot and soak it up.

Use Club Soda

Tougher stains such as the inevitable wine spillage after a few too many can be dealt with by using the tried and tested method of soda water. Apply club soda to the affected area and again blot up the wet patch. If this doesn’t work, then you have to use tougher methods. A solution of one part white vinegar and one part water sprayed onto tougher stains will do the trick.

Try Shaving Cream

Believe it or not, shaving cream works wonders on most stains. Apply it to the area and allow the foam to settle for approximately 30 minutes. Wipe up the patch using a dry white cloth. It’s important to note that it’s good practice to always use a white cloth when cleaning carpets, as colored ones may induce their own stain when the dye becomes wet.

Dealing with Grease

If you have the misfortune of spilling greasy substances onto your lovely carpet, arm yourself with some ordinary dishwashing detergent and spray onto the culprit. Leave it for 15 minutes and then blot it up. Carpet cleaning using the same solutions as your dishes in this case makes sense, but who would have thought it!

Freeze-Dried Gum

Another killer offender which does its best to ruin your carpet is gum. Often not noticed until it’s too late and mashed nicely into your carpet, gum can be removed by freezing it first with ice and then scraping it off with a spoon or butter knife.

Heat Wax

In the event of power outages or romantic dinners, candles have the devilish ability to drop their wax onto carpets, no matter how careful you are. The best way to deal with this offender is with a hot iron and cloth so that you can re-melt the wax and scrape it up with a flat bladed knife. Be careful not to use the iron in this carpet cleaning Gilbert process for longer than 30 seconds at a time to prevent your carpet from burning.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Cuts and bruises as a result of child play will eventually lead to blood ending up on the carpet floor. The best solution for this is hydrogen peroxide – apply and dab it up.

Clean Pet Accidents Organically

For pet accidents, you should use organic cleaners which come in spray bottles for $10 online.

Candy Crushed

Eliminate sticky candy stains with mild soap and some water applied with a sponge.

Deep-Clean Regularly

Perhaps the best advice that we can give you is that prevention is better than cure, so be sure to do some deep Gilbert carpet cleaning every six months, and enjoy your long-lasting and new looking carpets.