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The best way to Grow Moss Between Bricks

While bricks make stunning paths, patios and walls, they’re difficult and cool by their very character. In the event you sense your bricks abandon your house using a lack of appeal or heat, include an impression of something delicate and organic: moss. Moss in the the area between bricks provides your area a splash of colour as well as a dash of austere elegance. These tiny crops have a texture that softens the edges and area, both visually and literally.


Locate a place with complete to partial shade where there’s foot traffic.

Collect some moss from around your home, when they’ve any to which it is possible to help yourself or request a friend. Dig up it by skimming it off the best of an area using a hand shovel or spade. Alternatively, buy moss in a nursery.

Pull crops or any weeds developing between bricks a way. Sweep dirt and particles away in the surface. Wet the area using a hose or bucket of water.

Tear the moss in to little parts, or cut strips of it with the old knife. Cut the parts slim so they easily fit into the the area between the bricks. Lay down the moss you want it to develop, pressing it in firmly using the grime-side down.

Stay off the moss till it starts to take hold, that might take two months or one. Keep it moist by misting it using a spray bottle or a hose.


Choose a solid wall that gets lots of shade. The brick area to remove particles.

Gather tear it up in to parts and moss. Add 2 glasses of of moss to the carafe of an outdated blender that you don’t use for foods any-more.

Measure and pour in 2 glasses of of water and 1 cup of butter milk. Cover the blender and mix for in regards to a minute on high. This makes what’s called a slurry that is moss.

Wet the solid wall using a hose. Brush the slurry that is moss to the spaces involving the bricks.

Keep the location moistened having a good mist sprayer. Moss start developing within three weeks and should create it self.

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