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2012 Cabinet Trends: Storage for Each Room

These days, cabinetry is not limited to your own kitchen or bath. It’s more compact and plugged-in than ever. Here are some trends in cabinets to the gadgets and media, office supplies, entryway, closet, garage and outdoor kitchen.

400-square-foot unfolding apartment

Elad Gonen

Entertainment systems have changed radically recently and cupboard manufacturers and shops are running fast to maintain. Just as TVs become more compact and minimal, so does the cabinetry that accompanies them. Contemporary, open and floating cabinets are increasing in popularity.

Pottery Barn

Logan Office Suite | Pottery Barn – $3,049

Cabinetry for home offices and other non-kitchen spaces is becoming more accessorized. It is not sufficient for cabinets to just look great in 2012. Look for more organizational and accessories tools built right in.

Jennifer Weiss Architecture

As we accumulate more tech equipment, from smartphones to tablet computers to e-readers, cabinet manufacturers are coming up with improved storage methods for our gadgets. You’ll find more and more models with built-in charging attributes.

Arterra Landscape Architects

Outdoor kitchens continue to explode in popularity, and now many feature exterior cabinets that rival (or complement) their indoor companions. Higher-end design and also the same types of accessories that improve your interior kitchen will be making their way outside.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

You don’t need to worry about Sex and the City‘s Carrie Bradshaw to really have a great closet. You can be cash and carry, too. Custom closets are going mainstream, with more complete, appealing and high-quality systems available in home centers nowadays.

FORMA Design

When was the last time you slept at a Murphy bed? Well, they’re known as wall beds today, and recent trade and home show visits reveal new styles, new attributes, new configurations, new easier open-close mechanics and new light and amusement built-ins for this class.

I believe the resurgent popularity and new offerings in wall beds right relate to more joint households, thanks to tougher economic times because of so many.

Dijeau Poage Construction

High-end garages have gotten automotive worship spaces, and better-looking, better-made garage-friendly cabinetry is the outcome. In the end, your walls ought to be worthy of your brakes, should not they?

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc..

Cabinet manufacturers have looked beyond the kitchen and bath for their sales opportunities, but a tighter market has made purchasing more products to fewer homeowners more important than ever.

This means you can easily find built-in options for your living room that share finishes and door styles with the cabinetry on your open kitchen.

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