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Declutter Now: Lose That Aged Sports Equipment

It is a new season, and for most that means it’s time to clean out the closets and throw out a few of the clutter clogging your home. It is a fantastic feeling to just throw things away that have long been fresh — and a much better person to start getting rid of stuff that the eco-friendly way. If you are like most people, you’ll discover some old skis, soccer balls, jogging shoes, or alternative sports and fitness equipment at the back of a closet or two. Don’t just throw it away. Use it or lose it without sending it in a landfill.

Utilize it. Other than committing to using your long-abandoned tennis racket or croquet set, there are not many ways to reuse sports equipment. However, you have the choice of repairing and restoring it. If you have a treadmill, exercise bike or other piece of equipment that needs to be fixed up a bit, you can call in a technician in the manufacturer or a local store and have them substitute for any lost parts. Some fitness stores will restore different kinds of broken equipment as well, including weight machines.

Many sports stores also have buyback applications. Callaway Golf will buy back any of the clubs (bought in a particular time interval ) for a predetermined, in-store credit. Most Golfsmith stores will also accept older golf clubs purchased through them, and place it towards a credit of golf clubs. Play It Again Sports is a fantastic store that permits you to trade in older equipment to buy new in a discount.

Recycle it. Not many pieces of sports equipment are recyclable — you’d be hard pushed to find many things you can just throw into a recycling bin. But many specialty recycling facilities perform process specific kinds of sports goods. You usually need to replace ski equipment every couple of years — particularly if you have growing children — so try to eliminate your old equipment in an eco-friendly way. SnowSports Industries America includes a Snow Sports Recycling Program that processes snowboards, ski boots, snowboard boots and helmets to composite timber and cubes and rocks for landscaping. Skichair, Green Mountain Ski Furniture and Reeski all make interesting indoor and outdoor equipment out of older skis and snowboards.

Athletic shoes also need to be replaced regularly. Try looking in the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe job. Their site lists locations where you can drop off any brand of used athletic shoe to be entirely recycled. Nike sorts through the shoe materials and also utilizes the bits to create new sneakers, athletic clothing and surface stuff. If you do not possess a drop-off location near you, try out the Recycled Runners directory or ask your local running store if they provide a program where they could recycle older shoes.

Sell it. If your equipment is still usable — that is, it doesn’t require any major repairs — attempt selling it online to nab some extra money. Put up a listing on Craigslist, eBay, Amazon or OutdoorClassifieds. If you are trying to clear out some critical mess, sell your goods at a garage sale or swap meet.

Give it. A great thing to do with usable sports equipment would be to give it to someone who really needs it. The YMCA, college sports programs, churches, neighborhood nightclubs, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and your local Special Olympics chapter are simply a couple of ideas of places that would like to have your previous soccer balls, footballs or roller hockey equipment.

Other organizations to donate to comprise:I Love Schools: Public elementary, middle and high schools are constantly in need of arbitrary sports equipment for their own teams and P.E. applications. Post a DonorOffer and teachers will contact you if you have what they’re searching for. SportsGift: Become a set leader with SportsGift, and organize a community drive to send gently used sports equipment to impoverished children around the globe. Rebounces: Has your old tennis ball dropped its bounce? Send it to Rebounces free of charge and they’ll put the bounce back in your balls to get a cost — or recycle them for free. Recycle Your Mat: If you are an avid yogi, chances are you have gone through at least a mat or 2. Instead of throwing it away, give it to Recycle Your Mat and they’ll recycle it, upcycle it donate it.Joni and Friends: This company will happily take donated orthotics, crutches and whatever else that may have helped you return in a sports related injury. Soles 4 Souls: Locate a Soles 4 Souls drop-off location or organize a shoe drive together to provide shoes for children and adults around the globe. Fitness 4: Charity: Fill out a donation form on Fitness 4 Charity’s site to give your old weights, treadmill, exercise bike or other gym equipment to this Los Angeles-based charity.Another alternative: If you have kids, and most of the worn-out gear lying goes to them, then get in touch with a family with younger children. They may be thrilled to get your equipment for if their kids are prepared to combine their local teams.

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