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7 Baths That Foster Thanksgiving Togetherness

Sooner or later on Thanksgiving Day we’ll have had our fill of turkey, stuffing, pie and much more. We will be prepared for a relaxing day, stretched out at a favorite chair while the traditional Thanksgiving Day football game is on the television. While some will continue the dinner table conversation while watching the game, others are going to drift off to dreamland, having eaten far too much turkey.

Below are some rooms which foster dialogue — and drifting away.

David Vandervort Architects

Let us hope that those comfortable chairs which beckon us are near the table. No point in having to walk a lot to distribute and relax. And surely having all of that food nearby will make it simpler to find the postgame chicken sandwich and piece of pie.

Thanksgiving is the day to become surrounded by the familiar. So the area we collect should be as comfortable as our family members and friends — a place where we can chat, see the game, take a rest or eat that last piece of pumpkin pie without fear.

Jennifer Brouwer (Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc)

The television ought to be tuned to the game, but it should not be the focal point of the day. Comfortable chairs arranged to foster conversation should rule. Even should a mad relative dominates the Thanksgiving Day dialog, keep in mind he or she’s family.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

Sure, the seating should foster conversation. However, what if you truly wish to take a rest while still being near the action? In this case, putting a comfortable recliner just away from the room’s centre will do the job.

Designpad structure – Patrick Perez Architect

If you are expecting a large gathering, you’ll want a large room so everybody has space. And by using earth tones and warm stuff, you’ll have the perfect setting for a Thanksgiving Day get-together.

Jennifer Simon Design

Even a small and cozy spot where people can stretch out and catch the game could be an ideal place to take that postmeal nap. Perhaps all the better if it is tucked away so the sounds of snoring do not disturb others.

Dijeau Poage Construction

For those who reside in a climate that is mild, open those doors wide to allow in that warm air and those gentle breezes. It wouldn’t take long to drift away to dreamland in this location.

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