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On Trend: Light Fixtures Take to the Branches

Now that all these leaves have fallen, I’m seeing the attractiveness of bare branches anywhere I look. I’ve never found bare trees to be spooky as Halloween desires me to think. Rather, the symmetry and balance of a tree’s natural growth inspires me.

You can see precisely how inspiring — and how varied — these shapes are at the branch-like lighting choices below. You’ll find supersleek, softly brightly colored and surprisingly realistic chandeliers, while the dining table lamps require the idea of a branch to its more basic kind. Every one these lights attract the beauty of the outdoors in your home and are perfect for the winter to come.

The Future Perfect

Agnes 20-Bulb Chandelier – $12,000

It’s not simply the beauty of trees — the Agnes chandelier reminds me of molecular versions also. This beauty needs a place of prominence over a simple dining arrangement.

Company and currey Algonquin Table Lamp – $560

A very elegant table lamp like this gold light will look great as a pair in a regal entryway.


Lindsey Adelman Globe Branching Bubble Chandelier | Room Online – $19,250

This light includes a naturally fragile quality that reminds me of the first buds of spring. What better inspiration for get hanging in the winter season over you?


Leaves Sus by Lumen Center

The shape of the white light definitely makes it the most whimsical of this group, adding a light touch to some serious room.


P.A. Chandelier – $6,445

I keep watching Duchamp’s bottle rack once I look at this chandelier, but its white simplicity definitely feels more modern.


Viviana Chandelier – $950

As the most realistic branch light of this group, this chandelier may fool you into believing that a tree is growing into your room. It would be a lovely feature within an nature-inspired nursery.

West Elm

Ceramic Branch Table Lamp – $99

This light highlights the ongoing white ceramic woodwork-look trend perfectly.


Treetop Chandelier – $648

Cabins and mountaintops instantly come to mind with this chandelier. But the treetop style could be equally as intriguing in a cleaner-lined attic space. The natural textures make it feel and look realistic.

Switch Modern

Agnes Chandelier – $8,000

The ease of the branch-based light reminds me of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, who loved to look to nature for inspiration.

Moth Design

Coral Chandelier

Don’t forget the natural branches of the ocean: coral. It gets a very modern treatment in this headboard that is inspirational.

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