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8 Fabulous Faucets for All Types of Baths

Bathroom sink faucet options are limitless, and choosing one can be overpowering. There are plenty of different factors to consider, and each home has different needs. Do you require a faucet that is simple to use for all ages? Is space an issue? Or perhaps budget?

Have a look at these eight types of taps to get an idea about what to search for when you’re searching for your toilet.


1. Waterfall faucet. With its clean lines and minimalist strategy, this faucet brings itself into a more modern style. It’s most commonly constructed out of metal and glass.

Some waterfall taps have beautiful colored layouts throughout the glass, which provide the toilet a cheery feel. Others have LED lights, making a colorful display once the water is flowing.

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2. Four-inch-spread faucet. A great budget choice, 4-inch-spread taps (measured from the middle of a handle to the middle of the other) offer value and functionality. Not only do they come in almost every shape, size and colour, but they’re also a fantastic space-saving alternative for smaller dressing table areas and can be used in just about any application.

3. Eight-inch-spread faucet. Among the most popular styles now, the 8-inch-spread faucet (additionally quantified from one manage center to the other) comes in many styles and materials. From metal to marble into crystal, the options are almost endless.

You are able to find an 8-inch-spread faucet in popular finishes (such as brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and the ever-popular gold) and some not-so-popular ones (for instance, polished nickel and matte black).

4. Single-lever faucet. Single-lever taps are very simple to use and are a great alternative for all types of bathrooms. They are available in a variety of designs.

Single-lever taps are a very popular choice because of their simple design and the multitude of colors and styles out there.

5. Wall-mounted faucet. Wall-mounted taps offer the identical functionality as countertop-mounted taps without consuming any counter space. They also supply a great focal point if you’re mounting them onto a sink or a backsplash.

Wall faucet styles range from minimalist to conventional, and lots of different colors and finishes are available.

6. Digital faucet. Want a faucet that will always give you the ideal temperature? Digital taps are not about the sleek looks; they can detect each user and adjust the temperature according to preset relaxation levels. Not to mention you can also check the weather and your email while washing your own hands.

7. Motion-sensor faucet. Many taps can be installed to operate with a motion sensor. This not only frees up your hands, but it is a great way to keep the faucet sanitary and also to stop water waste. Motion-sensing taps are great for kids as well; setting the faucet into a comfortable temperatures will guarantee that kids never wake up. Additionally, this alternative is neat to show off at parties.

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8. Foot-controlled faucet. Searching for a little advantage in the daytime? This faucet operates without hands; foot pedals mounted underneath the sink region control it. Step on the left side for hot, the right side for cold or at precisely the exact same time to get warm water. Foot controls are a handy alternative whatever the program and can work with many kinds of faucets.

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