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8 Frame and Bedding Matchups for a Beautifully Made Bed

Call me crazy, but I like making my bed. Smoothing the sheets, squaring the corners, plumping the pillows — the entire process is a treasured daily ritual. I love crawling in my well-made bed at night after a long evening of work. Possessing the ideal bedding to match your mattress framework is vital to creating the perfect sleep sanctuary. There actually are actually hundreds of mattress styles and bedding options, so it’s easy to become confused with which is the ideal option for a particular frame. Can you put in throw pillows or not? Use a weighted comforter or a crisp coverlet?

With those questions in mind, I put together examples of some common styles and some that I just think are nicely assembled. Which combination is ideal for you?

Kristina Wolf Design

A modern-leaning platform mattress typically doesn’t have a box spring. Bunkie boards can go under the mattress to bring a little height if necessary.

I like this particular minimalist mix of framework and bedding, since it’s all styled to showcase the gorgeous headboard. At any time you get a wonderful layout detail on your headboard, look at dressing the bedding down. This is a personalized piece designer Kristina Wolf had made for a customer.

A simple blanket tucked around frames that this mattress perfectly. Notice there are no throw pillows, only smoothed sleeping pillows and a cozy blanket draped at the base of the mattress for a simple look that lets the headboard become a bit of art.

Living Stone Construction, Inc..

To highlight the gorgeous framework of a platform bed, I like a crisp coverlet tucked in all around. A coverlet is different from a duvet because it is a slim, single layer with no insert. Fold the front corner flap below the side corner flap for a perfect square corner.

Bed framework: reclaimed lumber, Four Corners Home

If you like to see in bed, watch TV or surf on an electronic apparatus before dosing off, then you may want to take into account an upholstered headboard.

The bedding is traditional, with a skirt and duvet pulled all the way up to the headboard. “Duvet” identifies the insert within the duvet cover, also it may be patterned or white. The duvet insert is available in many distinct weights, from light to heavy.

Cosmetic cushions add to the glamorous appearance.


On a fourposter bed, I like to see the side stretchers. They are a nice layout detail, so that I prefer not to conceal them with a skirt. This is one of my favourite looks, since it’s so flexible. The bed design looks great with a crisp coverlet tucked in to expose the framework along with a duvet layered at the base of the mattress for all those extra-cold nights.

AMW Design Studio

A canopy bed includes a traditional appearance and provides a cocoon-like sleeping experience. Typically, four drape panels are added to the corners and may be slid open and shut, making a grownup version of the forts we all loved as children.

The bed includes a skirt and hotel-style duvet pulled all the way up, then slightly turned down. Euro-size pillows are placed in front of the sleeping pillows. They may also be placed behind the sleeping pillows for a background.

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Philpotts Interiors

A daybed usually has a negative orientation, meaning the long side of the mattress faces forward. Daybeds are generally assembled to double seating and occasional beds. This daybed was an existing piece of furniture refurbished and painted for this room.

I like a fitted coverlet tucked in for a nice, clean appearance. This is your chance to load up on pillows. Contain a throw blanket draped on one side for the ultimate napping spot.

Browse daybed designs

Chandos Interiors

Take advantage of a corner positioning by adding a return to an upholstered headboard. Corner bed placement can be complicated, as making the mattress is difficult. This custom made mattress frame with a negative return allows for finger distance between the bedding and wall for easier access.

Take a sharp, pleated skirt to keep the look simple. This is my preferred type of skirt, with simple pleats at the corners and one pleat in the middle. The absence of pillows adds to the paired-down vibe.

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A mattress with a footboard provides a unique opportunity for furniture placement. This footboard with exaggerated height creates a background for a petite desk.

Once I have a mattress with a footboard, I usually create the bedding somewhat shorter in front to so the surface doesn’t bunch up.

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