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Guest Picks: Functional Growth Charts and Fun

Growing, growing, grown. Even though cliche, it feels like children grow up so fast that if you blink, you’ll miss it. These fun and practical growth graphs will help you track their progress while building a design statement. Trust me, you won’t want to fold up these to stash away at a scrapbooking box year after year; you’ll want to get them on display even after your toddler is hitting the books at school. — Heather from Cool Progeny

Oversized Ruler Growth Chart – $69.95

What a fun idea! The entire notch-on-a-door-frame notion gets re-envisioned by Dear Lillie. I’m a enormous fan of the rustic design that will fit in perfectly into your kitchen.
Planning to sell your starter home as your starter household grows? No problem. This detaches and moves with you.

Erin Condren

Personalized Growth Chart – $75

This is my favored expansion chart find of all. You customize it by adding the child’s name as well as the peaks of family members. Takes the fun out of doing the back”Gee whiz Grandpa, I think I’m taller than you” game at family get togethers, but is a fabulous keepsake. Not to mention it’s modern design looks fantastic on a wall.


Growing Like a Weed Growth Chart – $38

Children definitely grow like weeds so this cute wall decor made by Wee Gallery will fit into almost any home.
Based on their bio, Wee Gallery’s designs include stylized white and black illustrated animals to arouse the minds and imaginations of growing children — which makes it one of those room staples or infant gifts that really grows.

Oopsy daisy

My Name is. . .Boy – $48

Canvas is the name of the game with Oopsy Daisy’s growth graphs. They’ve an expansive collection of vibrant designs and have one that will fit your room decor.
I purchased their Owl Style to fit our Bug’s fairy garden princess space, but this orange and blue”My Name is…” design is great for a boy’s room!


GROW Growth Chart by Byrdie Graphics – $42

I’m a massive fan of playing with text in design. So when I stumbled upon this expansion chart wall decal design from Byrdie Graphics, it was instantaneous like. The capacity to select custom colors to match your room decor? Well, that’s love.


Heirloom Growth Chart by Miss Natalie – $56

This is the perfect expansion chart for mothers that have little to no crafting ability however secretly yearn to become Martha Stewart. This gorgeous kit from Miss Natalie includes all you will need for that homemade look, but only needs safety pinning knowledge. Enjoy!


Numbers Children’s Vinyl Wall Decal by Simple Shapes – $65

This design from Simple Shapes is perfect for a nursery or toddler space with modern vibes. The white strip down the side makes it easy to indicate your child’s development too. This is a win-win in my novel.


Elizabeth Birds Wooden Growth Chart by Little Elephant Co – $89.99

I really like the craftsmanship and originality of the wooden growth chart from Small Elephant Company. Plus, a handmade graph just has an extra something.

The Land of Nod

Children Giraffe Shaped Mirror Growth Chart – $80

Can it be a mirror or a development chart? How about both? This graph from the Land of Nod is perfect for smaller spaces as it pulls double duty. I found a ton of giraffe-inspired graphs in my search, however this was the most first.


Car Wall Decal Growth Chart – $80

It might be a wall sticker, but the special shape of the auto expansion chart by Wee Decor has plenty of personality. The stop sign on top will catch attention. Use the traffic sign stickers on the side to indicate the years.

Scribble on Everything

Tree Growth Chart Wall Decal – $60

What a fun tree growth graph wall decal from Scribble on Everything! My favorite feature of the design? The tags that vary from multiplying to sappling to fully grown — it’s too cute.


ABCs Wood Inspired Growth Chart by Lil Bit Design – $40

Another expansion chart that plays with text, this picture from Lil Bit Design makes learning letters interesting and mixes textures within an attractive manner.


Multi-color Wooden Ruler – $85

If you enjoyed the design of the Ruler Growth Chart from Dear Lillie however, it felt a little too rustic, and then this entertaining multicolor ruler graph from Growing Chart Art could be more your speed. It is made from eco friendly materials, making it additional gold stars in my book.

Picture Me Boy Photo Growth Chart by Petite Lemon Prints – $34.95

Let’s be honest: What we love most about looking back at a growth graph is picturing our child at the age. The photo canvas growth chart from Petite Lemon Prints builds those visual memories directly into their modern, colorful design.

Flower Growth Chart Wall Decal – $69

The Luka wall sticker is perfect for your budding toddler and pops at all of the proper ways. Their daring use of color and playful design attracted me initially; their design philosophy made me a fan. From their site:”Our objective is to make a space for children that keeps them interacting with their surroundings and promotes their advancement through all ages”


Giraffe Wall Decals by Look Sugar – $78

Giraffes appear to be a staple of children’s rooms and nursery decorating. Even my daughter at the fairy garden princess room has a four-foot filled giraffe. This Modern Kiddo giraffe growth chart decal from Look Sugar gives only the correct pop of color and atmosphere of amusement.


Growth Chart Wall Hangings – $100

I had no idea this was a development chart in the beginning! If you’re searching for a covert graph that blends in to your own design, this gem from Wee Decor could be just the ideal fit.


Wooden Surfboard Growth Chart – $95

This is the expansion chart he might actually take to school with him if you allow him. I really like the originality behind the wooden surfboard design made by Development Chart Art. It is one of those layouts that will really grow with your child because while they could eventually outgrow the canvas owl graph, I hear surfers are for life.

Funky Facts About Me Growth Chart – $45

This fill-in-the-blank expansion chart from Em Tanner Designs asks all of the proper questions. Aptly titled”Funky Facts About Me,” this graph will track your child’s development by height and mind.

Couture D├ęco

Wall Candy Growth Chart Wall Decals – $45

The colorful, removable expansion chart from Couture Deco reminds me of an elementary school classroom also left me nostalgic in a great way.

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