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Autumn Sunset Azaleas

The Autumn Sunset azalea (Rhododendron hybrid) is a kind of hybrid azalea beloved by butterflies and hummingbirds. Used as component of a mass-planting or as a border plant, Autumn Sunset azaleas are vulnerable to pests and several diseases, including powdery mildew and aphids, scales, whiteflies, root-rot. They they often prosper preserved correctly and if planted. Sunset zones because of this evergreen are 6 through 14 and 9 .


The Autumn Sunset azalea is part of the Encore azalea collection, a team of azaleas produced by Independence, the Robert E of Missouri. “Buddy” Lee. Southern Indica and Azalea lines Kurume are the parent plants of the Encore collection. Autumn Sunset azaleas are evergreen shrubs that characteristic shiny, dark-green, elliptical-shaped leaves that are one to two inches long. The bush reaches widths and heights of three to four feet. Blooms are salmon-orange in colour and tubular in form, while bark is grayish brown. Can be found in in teams of one to three blooms and the flowers seem to protect the whole plant.

Light and Soil Problems

Just like other azalea types, Autumn Sunset azaleas do best in soil that’s acidic, nutrient-rich and well-draining. If planting in sand or clay – soils, add organic matter to market healthful shrub development. Optimal soil pH for Autumn Sunset azaleas is 4.5 to 6. Add a 3 inch layer of mulch, like wood chips or grass clippings, across the plant’s roots to to manage weed growth, protect the plant from severe temperatures, and keep soil moisture. Plant in places that receive partial shade or sunlight. Offer shade in the midday and afternoon warmth if expanding your azaleas in partly sunny locations. Autumn Sunset azaleas are more resilient to heat than azalea types, nevertheless.


The soil needs to be kept moist, though be careful not to overwater and consequently harm the azaleas. Touch the soil to examine although more watering might be needed depending on how dry and warm your area is how moist or dry it’s before watering, and water crops seriously once a week. Waterlogging watering is advised over lighter and watering, regular mo-Re which may lead to waterlogging. Water crops seriously s O 6 to 7″ of soil continues to be soaked. Do therefore earlier to enable drying that is adequate, particularly in the event the shrub is battling root fungus issues.


Just like any pruning session, it’s essential to eliminate branches that are lifeless, dying and dis-eased first to stop the spread of illness and also to permit optimum airflow. Prune Autumn Sunset azaleas depending on needs. By way of example, prune the shrub in the spring soon after after spring blooming h-AS completed to market development that is new in the summer. That is referred to. The growth will result with blooms showing on shoots, in summer-flowering. Once it h AS completed blooming in the event you want to cut several shoots straight back prune the shrub or eliminate oldgrowth.

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