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The best way to Turn Off Another Water Faucet Having a Safety Valve

Whether you’ve a vacation-home that is northern or you also reside in an area where the climate can change unusually cool, before freezing temperatures arrive, it helps to ready your your outside taps for cold temperatures. Many outside taps have a an inside safety-valve that enables you drain the water in the outdoor area of of pipe, decreasing the possibility of the pipe bursting when water that is trapped freezes. Shutting the water off to your own pipe is useful in the event you if you want to to change the faucet or outside area of of pipe. You need to turn off the safety-valve rather than shutting off water to the whole home, for this fixture.

Get the pipe as part of your house leading to your own faucet. This could be in garage, your basement or crawlspace.

Look over the size of pipe for the safety shutoff valve. Valves are steel knobs, both spherical or handles that are three to four inches long. In some houses that are older, the shutoff valve can be a post on top of a pipe junction.

By turning the spherical knob clock-wise until it stops turning shut off the water-supply to your own faucet. Pull the handle of a lever-type valve 1 / 4 turn to the “Off” position. In the event the “Off” position isn’t marked on the faucet, pull the handle clockwise until it stops. For valves without handles or knobs, clamp pliers or vise-grips onto the post, and turn it clockwise until it stops.

Go outside before the water stops flowing, and start the the outside spigot. This releases water trapped in the pipe, enabling one to safely re-pair the faucet if required and decreasing the possibility of the pipe freezing.

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