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Color Feast: Yes You May Use Blue in the Dining Room

Most of us turn into warm hues — shades of red, gold and tan — when picking a color palette to your dining area. These colors have a tendency to feel comfy and inviting and work well for rooms where we collect, converse and eat. But, I am likely to make the case for your oft-overlooked blue color for dining spaces. Currently there are a number of legitimate reasons why folks avoid integrating blue into their dining room color palette — it’s thought to be an appetite suppressant and it may also feel cold and uninviting. To make blue work, you have to discover methods to heat it up.

Read on to find out my blue paint selections, along with seven magnificent examples of blue dining rooms, together with tips on how to use blue on your own dining space.

Jennifer Ott Design

Blue paint picks for dining rooms (clockwise from top left):

1. Misty Surf 740E-2, Behr
2. Sky’s the Limit KM3803-1, Kelly-Moore
3. Chambray Blue 029-2, Mythic Paint
4. Debonair 23-3, Pratt & Lambert
5. Cool Aqua 2056-40, Benjamin Moore
6. Crystal Lake 353-4, Pittsburgh Paints
7. Leisure Blue SW6515, Sherwin-Williams
8. Mystified 4011-8, Valspar

Roy Campana Photography

The sea and the sky — what can be more blissful to behold? If, like me, you lack a water view from your dining area, you can fake it with a soft, watery blue color on your wall. Filled with mild greens and sandy hues, it will attract a dining-at-the-beach vibe into your space.

Gacek Design Group, Inc..

I’m simply not tiring of turquoise. It’s a fun blue color that seems youthful, fresh and modern. And I like the way that it stands up to darker neutrals, like rich chocolate browns.


A sky-blue color on the wall adds a little zing into an otherwise neutral palette of light grays and wood tones. The exposed beams are stunning, but they attract quite a bit of shadow into the ceiling, which makes it seem lower than it actually is. But the wall of windows (and view beyond) and dab of light blue on the wall equilibrium the beams out nicely.

Estes/Twombly Architects, Inc..

This is another appealing yet simple color palette comprising sky blue with white and various wood tones. This particular shade of blue can serve as a neutral backdrop for your favorite artwork. Or, when you’ve got interesting architectural components to show off, use a fetching blue color to draw the eye up and in.

Gregory Roth Design

I’m a massive fan of dark, inky blue hues for interiors. It’s admittedly a bold choice for a dining area, but if you balance it with a fantastic dose of white or other light hues, as well as lots of natural lighting, it offers such fine contrast and drama without feeling too thick and claustrophobic.

Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist

If you want your ceiling to seem taller and much more expansive, do not paint it white, then paint it blue! Cool colors tend to recede, and we associate blue ceilings with the skies above, therefore it’s the perfect color to give you an open-air vibe. I am also digging the mixture of cream and soft blue dining chairs within this charming dining area.

WA Design Architects

This is a color blend I’ve been seeing quite a little recently : light blue with a small accent of deep red. It’s an excellent palette for a modern dining area. If you’re wary of following color tendencies that quickly go and come, my advice would be to restrict the trendy color or colors for things you can easily and affordably change out. Adhere to tried-and-true neutrals to your floors and costly dining area finishes and furnishings, but have pleasure with wall paint colours and relatively affordable decorative fittings.

More guides on how to use blue.

Are you cool with blue at the dining area? Please discuss a photograph in the Comments section below!

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