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15 Gifts Designers Will Enjoy

Searching for designers can be a bit rough — we do often have greater expectations of the objects we surround ourselves with. I am aware that my mother tends to stress I will not like gifts she gives me for this very reason. On the flip side, I really like getting the chance to look for my favorite items and share them, since a number of the recipients on my list really don’t need these off-the-wall items.

This listing covers both the beautiful and the useful. Occasionally designers are happy with only a gorgeous thing, but I know I’m far more impressed every time a product is equally well designed and user friendly, using a strong functional grounding. Plus, I included a few interesting techie toys to keep everyone happy. Happy holiday!

Inkling Digital Sketch Pen – $199

The Inkling is a new picture drawing tablet from Wacom — with no tablet. The stylus converts and saves drawings as you draw them on real newspaper, which makes it easy to upload them into your computer after. I so need to attempt this!


Zenblocks Walnut Desk Decoration – $28.50

Beautiful designerly objects that you can play with too — these blocks are great when you want a little bit of creative inspiration. Sometimes we just have to use our hands on.

Pantone Turquoise Holiday Ornament – $15

What better way to remember the designers in your life than using a Pantone Christmas ornament — select their favorite color and they will remember their true calling each Christmas.


Bird by Architectmade – $50

Classics for a reason, these critters are one of these inspirational desktop accessories we designers all would really like to have but don’t always splurge on for ourselves.

Ceramic Speakers – $500

If you spend hours at your computer designing the next big thing, having the right music and the right speakers becomes more paramount to your success. These beauties are as inspiring to check at as they are to hear.


Instax Mini 7s and Mini 25 Instant Cameras

The new instant-camera revolution! These are fantastic for on-the-fly shooting, whether that means taking inspirational pics, documenting a design or giving a publish to a client or friend. In addition, I love the all-white styling.

First Scribbler, 5mm – $90

I sketch frequently, and finding the ideal pencil is a constant concern. The gorgeous lines of the mechanical pencil make it seem as though it would feel as though perfection in my hand.


ThinkGeek Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens – $69

So many designers can also be iPhone addicts. What better way to feed the dependence than by giving them the right camera lens to make on-the-go photos longer designworthy?


Reclaimed Wood Geometric Magnets – $12

The refrigerator will look well designed with some of those geometric wooden magnets. Tons of available colours will keep designers happy, too.


Maple Wood Desk Accessories – $114

Organize the ideal desk with contemporary desk accessories like these. I discover that the better my desk looks, the better my work ethic is.

Bamboo iPad Case – $129.99

A fashionable iPad sleeve is essential but often hard to discover. This stunning bamboo cover seems sturdy enough to weather rough usage, using a minimalist look that’s right up my alley.

Gretel Home

Little Utilitarian Ceramic Jar, Pink – $80

Here is the type of unique artisan-made present you can’t find just anywhere. It’s ideal for keeping all kinds of goodies — its usefulness practically outweighs its beauty.

Animi Causa

Turnkey Pencil Sharpener – $13.49

For the old-fashioned artist in all of us, a real old-fashioned pencil sharpener just feels good in the hand. Occasionally getting real with our resources is much more satisfying than using an iPad stylus.


Mess: The Manual of Injuries and Injuries – $13.99

This wonderful book sounds like it has the ideal pair of creative exercises to maintain designer minds loose and agile. Each page includes a quick education to get you started, and the only goal is to be messy and accidental as you can.


Moss Terrarium Bottle – $37.95

Bringing a little live greenery to your house is always invigorating, and these moss terrariums are nearly foolproof. However green your principle, the cigar ought to stay living with a little spritz of water here and there.

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