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Expert Talk: Have a Field Day With Landscape Art

There are many reasons to include a landscape painting in any room as a point or an accessory. Work was featured by some of the designers by artists that they know personally. One — at a find worthy of a segment on Antiques Roadshow — came across a precious piece tucked away into a back room. Personally, I find that landscape artwork adds a sense of calm to a space. So prepare to get a journey that is soothing.

Robin Muto

Multiply and divide. This vignette was completed by Robin Muto to get a designer show house. “This was a study for a male artist, therefore I wanted the room to become masculine and filled with interesting objects that he may have gathered on his travels or just walks in character,” she says.

“My husband, Rick Muto, who’s a decorative painter and fine artist, was the inspiration for the room. He did the dark-green oil glaze on the wall, to feel as though you’re in the woods, and all the paintings come from his regional plein air collection of locations which are within a two-hour drive from our home in upstate New York.”

T. A. Wolfson Design

Uncover a treasure. This painting is by California landscape artist Don Irwin (1933–1998). “I first came across it saved away in a backyard back office at a home on Carmel-by-the-Sea [California],” says Terri Wolfson of T.A. Wolfson Design. “It was unframed and was sold as a member of the decor when my client purchased the home. Nobody had any idea it was by a highly regarded artist,” she says.

“Having owned a painting by Don Irwin, I instantly recognized his personality and appreciated its beauty. I had the work appraised, suitably framed and moved to its deserving place over the property’s living room fireplace.”

T. A. Wolfson Design

Add a soft focus. This is just another style by Terri Wolfson. The painting is by Jeff Daniel Smith, a modern plein air painter based in Carmel-by-the-Sea. “I respect his work tremendously,” says Wolfson. “I’d just finished designing the living room of this Los Altos [California] home and needed the right fine art to complement the furnishings.

“I was inspired by Jeff’s soft palette and impressionistic design of this country landscape near Carmel,” she says. “The painting supplies an alternate focal point and contributes to the general character of their living room”

Timothy De Clue Collection & Design

Show what you adore. For his 1920s Tudor home in Seattle, Timothy De Clue chose this oil on canvas (with an unidentified artist) that contains nearby Mount Rainier. “I have an ever-expanding collection of landscape paintings,” he says,”and that I like to surround myself with pictures of the Pacific Northwest, that is among my favourite places on earth.”

Lindy Donnelly

Harmonize with the decoration. Lindy Donnelly selected this painting for its moody, atmospheric atmosphere. “The sky appears to be opening and clearing up following a storm,” she says. “And the colours seemed to harmonize with the furnishings nearly coincidentally. The olive and brown tones combine with the drapes and the wealthy wood stain. Even the swirling clouds somewhat mimic the acanthus leaf pattern at the damask bedding”

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Create a focal point. “The owners had this piece in their collection when we started the project,” says Jane Frederick of Frederick + Frederick Architects. “We made the space to highlight the artwork, and you are able to see the work from across the home.”

Deb Reinhart Interior Design Group, Inc..

Enjoy the abstract. Landscape artwork conveys powerful messages of geographically diverse character is in our world,” says Deb Reinhart. “I find landscapes professionally pleasant, whether they’re traditional or contemporized.”

The modern horizon-line abstract artwork in this bedroom”is a serene yet powerful image which supports the vibrant, tasteful bedroom for that it was selected,” she says. “Although the medium was completed in precious metals and also the colours are gold metallic and black, there is no doubt that the piece is a landscape. I enjoy this effective artist with his stark simplicity and special materials.”

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Work with the artist. Tineke Triggs of Artistic Designs for Living made this home for her good friend, artist Tjasa Owen. “Tjasa’s home is about her family and their travels and adventures,” Triggs says. “Her artwork is the thing that speaks to you in this home, not the objects or the furniture. I kept all the furniture in natural, neutral tones so that your eye is brought to the artwork.”

Allied ASID, jennifer Ball

Reflect your surroundings. “This painting evokes the appearance of the property surrounding the home, therefore it actually brings the outside into this master bedroom at a subdued and tranquil manner,” says Jennifer Ball of Gabberts.

“While the brushwork softens the effects of the scene, the clouds going through the summer skies create a warm breeze,” she adds. “We opted to mount the work on a warm cocoa silk liner and finish it with a gilded Italian carved framework that reinforces the elegance of this bedroom atmosphere.”

Kimberly Rennerfeldt Interior Design LLC

Colour it blue. These homeowners live in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, but they travel a lot and love both coasts. “The wife enjoys the colours yellow and blue,” says Kimberly Rennerfeldt, and the blue water in this painting is a relaxing and comfy scene which reminds them of their travels.

“Blue will be a sexy colour in 2013,” she adds. “I think we’ll be seeing a lot of rooms in all colors of blue”

M.a.p. interiors inc. / Sylvia Beez

Take a trip. With this particular room, Sylvia Beez of all m.a.p. interiors wanted to make a comfortable, rustic but still contemporary setting that had the feel of a bedroom at the South of France.

“Once I found this painting at an antique store, I thought that it would underline that type of atmosphere,” she says. “It depicts a landscape which may be somewhere in France, while the framework is quite modern looking, so both combined fit in with the room’s juxtaposition of rustic and modern components and fashions.”

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