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Weather Vanes to Crow About

I can still remember gazing through the rear window of my parent Lincoln Town Car as my mom drove to and from work each day. This was the late ’80s and that I was probably five years old — the age when kids appear to notice everything.

My mom had a job doing quotes for a gutter company, and throughout the field proved to be a tired old barn having some cows roaming around. The barn had a white house next to it with a funny-looking thing on top. I had no idea what the thing was and never asked. Then one day in a kindergarten field trip to an apple orchard, I spied one of those fascinating ornaments once again. Low and behold, this thing had a name: weather vane.

And today, 20-something decades later, I’m sitting nostalgically collecting photos of those metallic figurines I have always found so spectacular. They’re becoming used as decoration, although they used to serve a purpose, studying the direction of the end.

Sandy Koepke

A chippy assortment of weather vanes can enhance any area that gravitates toward shabby-chic style.

Hint: Check into resources such as Craigslist, eBay and Etsy, together with your local flea market, in case you’re looking to begin a collection yourself.

Union Studio

A weather vane is a welcome addition to any home with a farmhouse feel. More often than not, the motif of those ornaments has something to do with a farm as well. Horses, roosters and cows appear to be the most commonly used designs.

Birdseye Design

This gorgeous farmhouse is reminiscent of an old schoolhouse you’d find in the hills. A weather vane feels at home in a country setting.

Richard Leggin Architects

The metallic sculpture adorning this garage provides this otherwise plain, rural home a sense of warmth and curiosity.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

The weather vane atop this distinctively structured home goes further than I had originally realized when I stored this picture. See the way it crowns the house, lightly drawing the eye upward.

RTA Studio Residential Architects

Here’s another illustration of a home surrounded by mountainous areas. A weather vane almost feels essential in this type of setting.

Finesse, Inc..

A weather vane nestled within the brim of a house is a fun start to any house tour. I’m a sucker for icebreakers.

A sailboat weather vane is a great complement to this little cottage. It is fast to boost the beach-house texture and adds visual interest to the otherwise linear facade.

Southern Hospitality

With Easter and Peter Cottontail just around the corner, I could not pass up a weather vane topped with a striding white bunny. When was the last time something made you grin while you do laundry?


Farm Animal Weather Vanes – $160

These are entertaining and colorful twists on the traditional style. They’d look great on the roof of a cottage or bungalow.

Inform us Do you have a weather vane? Please place a photo below and discuss information about it.

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