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Why Does Grass Not Stick to Mowing Deck?

Lawnmowers operate most effectively when the backyard deck is clean and unencumbered by built-up grass clippings and dirt. The type of blades you use can keep much of the grass from sticking to the mowing deck, but it’s possible your mower was treated with something that keeps it slick so that the grass falls off easily. To prevent accidental starting and private harm, remove the lawnmower’s spark plug until you work on the machine.

Why Sticking Grass is Poor

Is more than just unsightly. The grass clippings can continue to develop, blocking exit vents and limiting the airflow. The clippings hold moisture to the alloy mowing deck, inviting rust and corrosion. The longer the clippings adhere to the deck, the harder it is to remove them; manual scraping with a plastic ice scraper or alloy paint scraper might not be adequate.

Blades Make a Difference

If you’ve noticed a surprising absence of clippings stuck below your mowing deck, it could be the blades you are using: Mulching blades, occasionally called 3-in-1 blades, restrict airflow below the deck so more clippings could fall instead of shooting out through a discharge chute. This keeps more clippings under the deck, which can cause them sticking. High-lift blades, or 2-in-1 blades, encourage clippings to discharge, so that they help keep the clippings from sticking to the mowing deck.

Spray It to Make It Slick

It’s possible your mowing deck was treated with a spray lubricant to maintain grass from sticking. Various sorts of spray work with your mower, such as WD-40, nonstick cooking sprays and spray made specifically to coat backyard decks. If clippings stick sometimes, the sprays make it much easier to wipe off the clippings or wash them off with a garden hose.

Keeping It Clean

To prevent grass from sticking to a mowing deck, check it after every mowing, especially if you’re mowing moist grass, which will clump and stick readily. After removing the grass with a rag, scraper or garden hose, use a spray lubricant about two times a year to maintain the deck shiny. To maintain moist clippings out from under your mower, avoid mowing immediately following a rain or first thing in the afternoon. And maintain the clippings brief by mowing no more than twenty-five the height of your grass at every mowing. The shorter clippings are simpler for the mower to discharge, so they are not as inclined to adhere.

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